Language as Technology

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states language doesn’t just represent the world but actually shapes our reality. Learning new languages gives us portals into different worlds. In the movie Arrival, aliens gifted humans with a technology of symbols that unlocked new ways of knowing and understanding.

If the symbols in Arrival looked vaguely familiar, it may be due to their similarity to the circular Gallifreyan script of the Time Lords in Dr. Who. Gallifreyan captures a word or sentence of meaning in the span of a single circumference and those who read it can decode its messages in a glance.

Inspired by the possibilities of symbols and technology, the following designs were created in Gallifreyan for experimental purposes only.


Have a Fantastic Life

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Banish Seasonal Affective Disorder

Research1 shows promising results using entrainment for depression. Particularly with seasonal affective disorder (SAD.) Specific frequencies of entrainment can positive change sluggish brain activity, depression, anxiety, fatigue and carbohydrate cravings. These frequencies increase activity in beta waves and cognitive function while simultaneously suppressing bands of slow alpha activity associated with depression and moodiness.

Our Banish SAD track uses the same frequencies used in the SAD study for both audio entrainment (a matrix of binaural, isochronic and amplitude modulation) and audiostrobe encoding (an enhancement for those with mind-machine devices like the Proteus, Kasina, Procyon or similar which use light goggles.)

The tones acting as “carriers” for the therapeutic frequency are based on the Solfeggio scale. While this scale isn’t validated scientifically, many sound therapists and their clients attest to its tonic properties.

You can try the track for free above, the higher resolution version with the full frequency ranges and audiostrobe is also available for download for iPhones, Androids, iPods, etc.

Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz introduced Solfeggio frequencies in the seventies based on Pythagorean reductions of sacred verse. Many report the frequencies are deeply healing and restorative. The “active” ingredient of the track, however, is the entrainment frequency these carry from the study.

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Odin’s Mind – The Speed of Thought

Odin's Mind

One fifth of a second. 200 milliseconds. Is how fast we process input neurally.

It takes that long from the front door of the building to the part of the brain making decisions. But what if we could make decisions differently? Using different strategies? Could these strategies be even faster than this slower cortical loop already charted? Could we break through to new territories of experience?

We think so, and this app explores two different modalities to learn how.The first mode relies on time distortion and filtering down deeper into our perceptual stack. In other words, leaving the corner office and actually walking out towards the middle managers closer to the customer input. The Tibetans did this through meditation, walking right down the stack of consciousness to determine a simple thought has 38 stages before it emerges into awareness as an actual “thought.”

A special type of concentration is required for observing the contents of mind with that level of granularity: the surface of attention has to be like teflon; nothing sticks, everything passing is new and shiny. This mode would no doubt be successful in Odin’s Mind and the app may help calibrate in developing such skill.

Another strategy: we’re still up on the top floor, back in our executive office, but we open a window and talk with people down on the street. Even the crazy ones. Until we find some that are reliable. We can’t communicate a great deal, just roughly in a type of sign language. But they seem to understand what we are saying and can alert us in various ways.

This is the way of the subconscious and ideomotor signals. “Hunches” and fast thinking with the intuition -much faster at dealing with signal than the conscious mind. We just ask what’s going on and listen/feel/see the vibe. Odin’s Mind tells us if we are reading the signals correctly. A handy skill outside of the game as well, once it’s refined.

Odin’s Mind is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In Norse Mythology, Odin is attended by two ravens: thought and memory. They fly out each day searching and return with their findings. thought may be one type of conscious intent and memory just one class of subconscious response.

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