Grasshopper Enterprises

Brain Flex

Limber up your Neurons

Brain Flex is an experimental (and free) composition of brain wave frequencies designed to perform the following:

  • If you are in a stuck, negative or unproductive state it can lead you someplace else.
  • If you are already feeling good, it can make you feel even better.
  • If you’d just like to exercise your mind, running it through a series of state changes by altering its external stimulation in unpredictable ways, it can do this too.

Our brain waves fall into predictable patterns. Unless we are experiencing new people, places and events regularly, there’s little demand to increase its flexibility or range. If we’re not meditating regularly, or effectively, we may not hit the more interesting realms of lower alpha and theta except on the quick slide into sleep. And may not notice when we do.

This thirty minute adventure takes the brain through the gamut of all the typical states of beta, alpha, theta and a splash of delta. But it also peaks into some experimental frequencies like gamma (above beta) where research is discovering that unusual mental experiences like mystical and shamanic states may live. Or at least correlate. EEG studies found the affects of the South American, hallucinogenic alkaloid mixture "ayahuasca" produced the particular gamma frequency we chose.

woah… this thing is awesome… i listened to this for an hour before going to bed and i dreamed a whole week in one night…

We haven’t had any reports of people hallucinating with this composition, but we would like to make a few suggestions on its use.

  • For best results, listen with headphones.
  • Please do not listen to this while driving, flying a spaceship or any other activity that may need your full attention for safety.
  • It’s probably not a good idea to listen to this before going to bed, as it tends you leave you energized.