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Technology based on empirical research of how certain frequencies affect the brain

What will it do for me?

I absolutely love it!!! Very, very relaxing …I feel so good in that total super relax that I then remove the headphones and I clonk out for another hour.

The signature track boosts the release of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary, using tested frequencies, in a way more natural than drugs or supplements. Results of increasing GH levels in the body are well documented. But this is also a very powerful track for effortless and deep relaxation —particularly useful in retraining the mind for deep and restful sleep.

As we age, our deep sleep cycles don’t reach the deep delta levels of our youth which compounds the effects of stress; retraining the mind to reach these states has dramatic results on day to day energy levels.

Things one can expect from listening to this…

  • Deeper relaxation than achieved in years
  • Trigger the pituitary to release HGH and turn back the clock on aging
  • Recruit lazy neurons, stimulate blood flow to the nooks and crannies of your brain
  • Activate both sides of the brain. Binaural beat layers actually force both sides of the brain to cooperate to synthesize the sound
  • Altered states. Replace the kick from cigarettes or alcohol with something much more brain and lifestyle friendly
  • Mind spa: come back with focus, clarity and mental energy to get things done
  • Cumulatively increase cognitive abilities through dominant alpha frequency entrainment
  • Tour places of rich imagery and imagination
  • Experience states achieved by life-long and dedicated meditation without the life-long or dedicated part
  • Exercise your mind. Your brain is taken through a rich spectrum of states to help counteract the routine grooves of day to day stimuli

How can just listening to sounds produce these effects, is this science or woo-woo?

Entrainment, or the tendency for the brain to synchronize with external frequencies is a well known phenomenon in neural research, it’s called the frequency following response. An external frequency firing in a sense modality of sound or light in the ranges of the brain’s normal conscious operations (4Hz-20Hz) causes our neurons to begin synchronizing with the external frequency. If the frequencies are “ramped” or slowly change from normal to deeper levels of consciousness, the brain follows this movement even more readily. Basically the brain operates with a predominance of beta (13-40Hz) when we’re mentally active, 7-12 Hz when we are relaxed and at theta (4-7 Hz) and delta (0.5-4 Hz) levels during deep sleep cycles. There are many studies on using entrainment frequencies for everything from ADHD, pain control, mood disorders and chemical dependencies.

I have a young family and we wake up very refreshed and full of energy after a peaceful night sleep listing to the track in the background. The difference between playing the track and not is like night and day.

I’ve seen other CDs and mind machines with some of these claims, what makes BioRecharge special?

A typical mind machine relies on a single frequency channel or, on some of the more expensive units, two channels for entrainment. The BioRecharge uses 5 channels, each with a different technology for inducing entrainment resulting in a very powerful and compelling array of stimuli to entice the brain into entrainment. No other product or technology we know of can make this claim.

I want to use this commuting or at work, can I use it on my iPod, etc. etc.

Sure, with an important caveat. Please DO NOT listen to these tracks while driving, operating heavy machinery, creating ice sculptures with chainsaws or anything that requires your conscious attention for safety. These tracks will zonk you and we want them to zonk you in a good way.

I’ve seen spam about Human Growth Hormone, where is the actual research and what’s the actual scoop?

Between the ages of 25-30, the brain’s release of HGH from the pituitary diminishes up to 80%. Research indicates that this drop in HGH may be responsible for many of the signs and symptoms associated with aging and that raising these levels actually reverses the process. Literally hundreds of studies have documented the benefits. However, several products offered on the market as “precursors” have no substantiation in research. Injections do have documented results but are expensive and unnaturally induce GH into the system. The frequencies we use have been documented to be effective and work by recruiting your own pituitary to manage the production.

…the tracks are beautiful, and they do pack a punch.

I’ve tried some of the entrainment technology but I don’t like the harsh tones of the frequencies…

Some products designed for entrainment just use the raw frequencies which can be very annoying. Entrainment has actually been found to work better when these frequences are “masked” with random white noise so they are minimally perceptible. But white noise itself can be rather harsh, so we use the naturally random sounds of surf, streams and rain along with gentle cascades of polyphonic notes. The random nature sounds, polymorphic sheens and deep frequencies embedded in the mix are all encoded with synchronized entrainment producing a powerful synergistic effect.

Originally this CD contained two other tracks, but currently, only the BioRecharge track is available.

Warning: Do not use BioRecharge while driving or operating machinery! The Body Rejuvenator track is best listened to before bed or followed up with the Mental Sharpener track if you are doing it during the day.

Please Note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.