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Spirit Rattle

October’s experiment transforms a highly sophisticated, hand-held computational device (ok, cellphone) into a magical digital gourd with seeds that rattle upon invisible walls.

Seeds such as: bells of Neptune, ordinary beads, cases of Jose Cuervos, crows and similar. You may be able to record your own sound, which will be chopped up into beads and spit back as each bead hits the rattle’s walls. This is an experiment not some big corporate product launch, so it may or may not work on your device (especially the recording part), but if you’d like to entertain yourself or your 6 year old nephew. Or if you are doing ceremony in VR or just want to annoy your office mates, give it a whirl. (It can also steal rattles from other rattles. But there’s another reason for the name that will become apparent in the future.)

You don’t need to download from an app store, just run it in your browser. If you like it, and it likes you (standards are still evolving), it will offer an option to install it for keeps. Then it will work offline like a normal app (semi-normal anyway.) With its own icon on the home screen and everything

Spirit Rattle
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