Grasshopper Enterprises
xperimental division


Grasshopper Enterprises is a small organization with a passion for exploring the boundaries of human potential. We have an international background with experience in psychology, biotech, digital fabrication, university hackery, martial arts, nootropics, meditation, peak performance and a variety of related disciplines that pivot around simple best practices for vibrant living.

Grasshopper usually uses “we” rather than I. And grasshopper was/is an ebb and flow of “I”'s over the years in both collaborative partnerships and sole propriety.  Still even us solitary “I”'s host many other “i”'s. But ultimately this has nothing to do with the I’s, but rather the U’s. We’re about experience, not identity or branding. Fun experiences, interesting experiences and experiences leading into the wilderness. Come explore with us. Most moving parts stuff made at grasshopper are crafts to navigate somewhere unique and experience something first hand. Or sometimes just candy. Take one of the rides, read some of the brochures, we hope you enjoy your visit.

Disclaimer: we don’t necessarily know where you might end up in these crafts because some are designed for uncharted waters.