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The Good Night The Good Night. …the power of dreams as both an escape and a path to wisdom … a former pop star-turned-underachieving composer escapes into his dreams, where an exotic beauty (Penelope Cruz) awaits him. Seeking advice on how to guide his dream life toward ever-more thrilling and satisfying experiences, Gary meets the eccentric Mel (Danny DeVito), who teaches a class on the subject … –Tom Keogh.
The Nines The Nines. The layers, signals and re-interpretation of signs will strike a chord with anyone who has gotten caught in false awakenings; and ultimately, perhaps an interesting idea about the relation of lucid dreams to reality. The grasshopper reality check (after watching the movie): tie a green band, string, twine or rubberband on your wrist and whenever you notice it by sight or feel during the day, do a reality check. First try to change its color. Next pinch your nostrils together and try to breath through your nose. If either of these work, you’ll know you are dreaming. More on reality checks in the next post.
Waking Life Waking Life. A little pedantic, but nice introduction to “reality checks” and their application for eliciting lucid dreams.


The Lucid Dreamer The Lucid Dreamer: A Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds. Malcolm Godwin. One of the best books on the lucid dream experience, out of print, but worth it.
Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. Stephen Laberge. Good overview of basic techniques for inducing the lucid dream.
Advanced Lucid Dreaming Advanced Lucid Dreaming – The Power of Supplements. Thomas Yuschak. The ebook version is available here for ~$17 or read online. You can read some of his case studies here for free.
The Head Trip The Head Trip – Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness. Jeff Warren. Author’s experiences with a variety of conscious states, including lucid dreaming at one of Laberge’s dream camps.