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We went back in time to retrieve this cult classic by Angus Wong. Unfortunately his original site has vanished. Some of the information is dated, but overall it stands as an inspiring journal of an intrepid explorer. It is too unique to let fade into the pixel dust of cyber-history so we’ve reproduced what we could, without modification; all rights are retained by Angus

The Warrior’s Guide to the Blackboard Jungle

Why is it published on the Internet?

Angus spent 6 months of his life writing this book. For the entire 6 months, he woke up at 5am in the morning, and typed on his computer. In the afternoon, he went to various libraries in his city and did research. At night, he sorted through the research and added to his morning work. Then he slept at 11pm, and repeated the process the next day.

When the book was finished, he sent it to various publishers. Many of them thought it was an exciting idea, but they didn’t dare publish it. Too controversial. Some wanted him to remove the “science fiction” aspect and turn it into a generic study guide. Some wanted him to remove certain theories because they thought it was too “technical.” Most of them were afraid to print the chapters on smart drugs and military strategy. Finally, some of them wanted him to rewrite the whole thing as an auto-biography instead.

In the end, Angus decided that the main reason he wrote the book was to share his experiences and learning with other students facing the problems he had overcome. And in the end, he released the text version of his book into cyberspace. Many people sent him email, remarking that his book helped them a lot, and encouraged him to gain more exposure for it. This Web site is the result of another month of work.

It is a contribution to students and educators everywhere.

(For Angus’ controversial treatise on the failure of the educational system, read BUGS IN THE SYSTEM. Tertiary educators have already and many agree with him.)


Angus T. K. Wong