Banish Seasonal Affective Disorder

Research1 shows promising results using entrainment for depression. Particularly with seasonal affective disorder (SAD.) Specific frequencies of entrainment can positive change sluggish brain activity, depression, anxiety, fatigue and carbohydrate cravings. These frequencies increase activity in beta waves and cognitive function while simultaneously suppressing bands of slow alpha activity associated with depression and moodiness.

Our Banish SAD track uses the same frequencies used in the SAD study for both audio entrainment (a matrix of binaural, isochronic and amplitude modulation) and audiostrobe encoding (an enhancement for those with mind-machine devices like the Proteus, Kasina, Procyon or similar which use light goggles.)

The tones acting as “carriers” for the therapeutic frequency are based on the Solfeggio scale. While this scale isn’t validated scientifically, many sound therapists and their clients attest to its tonic properties.

You can try the track for free above, the higher resolution version with the full frequency ranges and audiostrobe is also available for download for iPhones, Androids, iPods, etc.

Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz introduced Solfeggio frequencies in the seventies based on Pythagorean reductions of sacred verse. Many report the frequencies are deeply healing and restorative. The “active” ingredient of the track, however, is the entrainment frequency these carry from the study.

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5 Powerful Brain Buffs

Buff: A term generically used in many MMORPGs to describe an effect (usually cast as a spell) which beneficially enhances the target Player.

Fortitude BuffFish Oil
The evidence for fish oil’s benefits to the brain, as well as a wide range of other bodily functions and conditions, just keeps piling up. Yet another recent study demonstrates dramatic improvement in academic performance in Junior High students. The Omega 3 oils in fish (DHA and EPA) have been found to control the inflammation that causes chronic health problems like arthritis, fend off depression, prevent cognitive decline, and behavioral problems, improve memory, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and address other health issues, such as macular degeneration, and menstrual pain. This single nutrient has to be the king of brain buffs.


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Foolproof Invention-Finding Scheme

Idea Cat
Or so says the The Universal Traveler. Are most inventions merely “new ways of combining old bits and pieces?”

Once there was a shaman, as the story goes, passed down through oral tradition (the story that is, the shaman was too heavy to be handled such), and one of his most important tribal roles was finding new hunting trails. When game became scarce the tribe would come to him for answers. And he would draw a map on a piece of buffalo hide. On the map he etched the surrounding mountains and streams, and all the important landmarks of the area over a large radius. Then he’d wad up the map, squeeze it (probably sprinkle some ‘magic’ dust for job security) and then unfold it. Its creases now revealed new paths for game trails. Hunters chose those that seemed to make sense and off they went, discovering plentiful new bounty along directions they would not have otherwise explored.

We invented a similar device for exploring new territories of ideas using the rules described by Koberg and Bagnall in an out-of-print version of the book above. Want to come up with the next Google or Flickr or YouTube? Try it out. The technique is called Morphological Analysis. It can be done with pen and paper for about three dimensions, but you can explore many more with the iDeAZing widget. Plus, it’s hard to wad up a 10 dimensional map on paper.

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