Grasshopper Enterprises

22 Jan 2021 - migration

Migrating the site off the servers and motherships, into the flatlands and wildwood of static files (which are actually in the cloud. Imagine that) Even at these altitudes, this is old school terrain. What is interesting about flatlands is how they foster creative forms of web expression. It’s easy to get caught up with templates and fitting content into little boxes of ticky tacky that themes and content systems provide. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it was time to return to our roots.

And to bring back batmemes and ideazing. A couple of pet projects. And introduce a bunch more. Hope you have as much fun here as we do.

Some things are missing yet, some are in disarray. Tomorrow work is on the contact form. Something a bit challenging in the flatlands, as are comments. But they will come, because guinea pigs research associates for weird experiments are not easy to come by and we’d love to include you.

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