Retro Flash Games


This game was reborn in Nokia cellphones but has a long and undulating history in computing. It has been implemented on almost every known system with any sort of display capabilities, including ancient mainframes with 3270 terminals. Some claim to even have found strategy guides for Snake written in
petroglyphs at Orongo.

Use the arrow keys to guide the snake and the space bar or P key to pause the game.



Simon is an excellent game for developing and testing short-term memory. Given that the average human can purportedly only remember 7 +/- 2 things at a time, if you get 10 or above, consider yourself gifted!

Use the mouse to click on the lights or use keys for the colors:
R – Red B – Blue G – Green Y – Yellow
P – Pause/unpause game
Q – Quit game



What can you say about this game? Its zen like combination of the simple and intense have made this game a classic since its introduction in 1979. A popular strategy was saving one slow moving asteroid while you pick off ufos to rack up points. Asteroid’s elastic, inertia based movement added to the unique rhythms of the game.

Left arrow – Turn left
Right arrow – Turn right
Space bar – Fire
Shift key – Hyperspace
P – Pause/unpause game
Q – Quit game