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In 1988 a professor at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota started an experiment with students of average IQs. The students, exercising their minds with a specific protocol, demonstrated IQ gains ranging from 2.3 to 0.9 per hour. They measured a 20 point increase in IQs over the 40 hour duration of the experiments —additional gains after this period appeared to be open-ended. Perhaps not so incidentally, the exercise was found to increase creativity, vivid mental imagery, cross-hemispheric communications and verbal fluency in addition to facilitating access to subconscious processes.

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Dr. Charles P. Reinert’s Study on Image-Streaming and IQ


A special one quarter, 4 credit hour course was developed at Southwest State University in order to begin to understand the effect of a verbally described imagery process, generically referred to as Image Streaming, on the development of intellectual skills of university students. Most of the students in the course had been provisionally admitted to the University, with a measured I.Q. slightly below 95. Pretests and posttests of analytical skills, creativity, and learning style were administered. Students’ verbalization techniques were monitored during each class. Cerebral dominance was measured using eye, ear, and leg preference. Occasional feedback was solicited from students concerning health, the number of intuitive insights experienced and other factors.

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Esoteric Malware Remover

ÆgisÆgishjálmar Shirthjálmarr translates to “the helm of awe.” It was never an actual helmet, but rather a powerful symbol in ancient lore. The dragon Fafnir in the Volsung saga wore the symbol while guarding his horde of gold and later, in the hands of the hero Sigurd, the glyph conferred invincibility in battle.

The interplay of symbols and the environment, beyond mere psychological association, is the arena of disciplines like Feng Shui and the intriguing research of Masaru Emoto.

Symbols are rooted in deep currents of the human mind and appear to link to larger circuits of energy —whether these are called the archetypes of Jung and the collective unconscious or the living myths of Joseph Campbell. There are seeral ways to creatively tap into the numinous realms of symbols; for example, the Ægishjálmar imprinted upon a t-shirt could act, in effect, as an subtle guardian, protecting you from energy vampires and negativity. Just psychological? Maybe. But there is an old saying… “it may be all in our head, but our heads are bigger than we think..”

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