Digital Espresso

Replace coffee with this track designed to entrain your brain

If you’ve stopped drinking coffee but miss the buzz, this one’s for you. Wake up in the morning, afternoon —get extra mental energy and focus before studies or meetings with this 15 minute entrainment from Digital Espresso uses a research protocol successful with patients of CFS, depression, ADHD and found to reliably increase energy and motivation. Put on some headphones, kick back, close your eyes and let the pulses massage your brain and the frequencies wake up those slacker neurons.


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Batmemes and Oulipo

Batmemes was inspired, and has taken some of its techniques, from a movement in France in the 60’s known as Oulipo (for Ouvroir de littérature potentielle, or workshop for potential literature.)

This movement experimented with the pinions underlying language. It explored boundaries of creativity that weren’t anchored to the limited experiences and conditioning which influence most of our thinking down well traveled neural paths. This is similar, also, to the approach of Mozart and his experiments with number for structure and key.

These processes aren’t random, like the monkeys and typewriters, but rather they jump or map from one structure to another. Batmemes provides automatic mappings to several “linguistic domains” using the following techniques:

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